Looking through the camera lens, a reporter is born

Andrew Martin’s passion for film is matched only by his passion for reporting. Hollywood or neighborhood, telling a story is what matters the most.

Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
Minor: Film and Media Studies
Journalism aspiration: Culture writer and film reviewer

Growing up in the South, Andrew Martin viewed Hollywood as a place where anything and everything was possible. In his professional life he wants to be involved with film, whether in front of the camera or covering the industry as a writer.

Martin strives to cover culture and entertainment in the style of Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times, who combined the art of reviewing with storytelling.

Martin found support in his ambition through his family and large network of friends. He has been involved in film in all aspects: director, writer, actor and reviewer. He is proficient with most film technology and video editing software.

Aside from entertainment, Martin has also written local news and profiles. He has written for The Daily Gamecock, columbiavoice.org and datelinecarolina.org.

In his free time, Martin enjoys listening to 80’s rock and pop, writing screenplays and reading fiction. His passion for film is matched only by his passion for reporting. If not working as an actor, he sees himself working as a journalist by day and filmmaker by night.

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